Wearable Art

In Harmony with Nature

TrendeFemme is a collection of fine art EcoFashion accessories inspired by organic forms and textures. Each piece of wearable art is a beautiful synergy of ethically sourced natural, vintage, and recycled fibers combined through sustainable hand-felting techniques.

Trende Femme Wearable Art

Experience the beauty of natural fibers and sustainable materials.

TrendeFemme artwear is created by textile artist Elena Bondar through a unique fusion of fiber techniques including hand-felting, spinning, dyeing and weaving. Vivid textures are achieved through embroidery and the Japanese art of Shibori, to form pleats and patterns in fiber. Deeply rooted in the philosophy of harmony with nature, TrendeFemme artwear is designed from carefully selected natural and vintage fibers including wool, silk and cotton.

Explore the philosophy behind TrendeFemme.

Our Philosophy

Wear in Harmony

Wear what is deeply meaningful, an expression of your inner self.

Live Sustainably

Celebrate your bond with nature. TrendeFemme EcoFashion is mindfully hand-crafted with natural, vintage, up cycled and recycled materials.

Create Wearable Art

Create living art by adorning the body.

In the Press

“Beautiful, whimsical, artistic, unique.
So. Lovely.”