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TrendeFemme is deeply rooted in the philosophy of harmony with inner self and with nature. What we wear is deeply meaningful, because it is an expression of the inner self. TrendeFemme wearable art is handcrafted through ancient fiber techniques, including felting, dyeing and spinning.


Felted Earrings with Recycled Sari Silk by TrendeFemme


Felting is an ancient textile technique that predates spinning and weaving. I create felt with the mildest soap and water using a process called wet felting. Moreover, through felting, many fibers can be combined with minimal stitching or no sewing at all.
Fibers Dyed With Paprika by TrendeFemme


I enjoy eco dyeing with seasonal plants and minerals. Among my favorite are acorns, rust, black beans, and turmeric.
Art Yarns by TrendeFemme


Spinning is an ancient art of twisting together drawn out strands of fibers into yarn. I enjoy spinning art yarn with juxtaposed fibers, textures and colors. I use these art yarns in felting to add texture and beautiful details to my textiles.

About TrendeFemme

I am a graphic designer and fiber artist, specializing in contemporary jewelry and textiles. I love making wearable art in harmony with nature. My inspiration comes from the beautiful textures and patterns found in nature, which I translate into my favorite medium: fiber. My work is also influenced by my passions for folk patterns, illustration, and myths.